I am an artist

There’s this frustrating tendency to apologize for being an artist.

If someone asks me what I am majoring in, I brace myself for a polite smile, a “hmm,” a change in subject. I’m not just exaggerating, I really have experienced this reaction over and over again.

Although my confidence has grown greatly these past few years, I am a fairly self-conscious person to begin with, and these small, but noticed, dismissals of something that I care deeply for and put a lot of energy into weigh heavily upon me.

But friends, I’m so tired of being too shy and too insecure to admit that I love making art.

Making art is therapeutic and helps me find the courage to step out of seasons of depression. There is so much to learn about culture, politics, and the human experience from the art we create, and I am fascinated by the different methods, forms, and movements of art throughout history. And most importantly, it is a means by which I worship my Creator. He wired me with a love for creating visual art, and it honors Him when I use the creative gifts he has given me.

As one of my professors put it, artists dare to live with “raw nerve endings,” to feel everything as it comes. What a scary but thrilling thought.

Here are a few of the projects I have been working on lately – I’m clearly stuck on a theme of nature right now.

Body Images (2 of 2) FullSizeRender-2IMG_4908


More thoughts soon.


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