Repacking my suitcase and a few prayer requests

It feels like I just unpacked this suitcase, but here I am filling it once again. Time seems to pass at its own increasing pace in the summer.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been home for over a month, that in a few short days I’ll be off to San Francisco, and that a few days after that I’ll be living in London for six weeks as an intern for InnerChange.

Everyone keeps asking me exactly what I’ll be doing in East London, and the truth is I just don’t really know yet. InnerChange is an incarnational ministry, meaning its workers live long-term with the marginalized and love on the people of the community.

Loving on people can look like a lot of different things, and while I still have plenty to learn about community development work, it seems like the nature of incarnational ministry makes it difficult to define. I think a lot of my time in London will be learning how to live with different kinds of people, serving the community in different ways, and being a helping hand to the InnerChange staff.

Basically, I hope to listen a lot, have an open heart to what God wants to teach me, and to take in the city of London the best that I can. I have an idea of Europe, but I don’t actually know how it feels to walk its streets, to experience its weather, to try to take in its rich history.

I’ve been out of the United States before, but never for this long, never with just one other person I know, never with so many unanswered questions resting on my shoulders.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the story in Exodus 33, where Moses asks God to show him His glory. God puts Moses in the cleft of a rock and covers him with His hand as He passes by because His glory is so great that no one may see His face and live.

His glory, His goodness, His plans, are so great that He can’t reveal it fully to us.

We don’t get to know everything, the details of how exactly our lives will turn out, the reasons why growth can be so painful or why sometimes evil is allowed to thrive. But we know that He is good. We know that while it doesn’t all make sense now, it will later.

My story is just one little link in His overarching story, a narrative that stretches over thousands of years and includes billions of people. My life matters not because its mine but because its part of His story.

As I try to savor these last few days of familiarity that I find in these homey Seattle coffee shops and soft sunsets, I have a few prayer requests. Please pray that crossing the border will go smoothly, as we have to be careful with how we explain our internship. Please pray that I will have peace despite these unknowns and finally, that I will have courage to engage fully.


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