San Francisco, I think we’re going to get along just fine

Every time I go to a new city, I’m pleasantly surprised with how unique it is. San Francisco is all steep hills and thin houses sucking in their breath and crowding in close together for warmth. Its pulse feels faster than Seattle’s, the gaze of it’s beauty and brokenness more palphable, if that makes sense.

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The view from The Well’s balcony.

It’s beautiful. I want to explore all of it: the murals covering almost every public wall, the used book stores – narrow and overcrowded with paperbacks, the coffee shops with lines of people streaming in and out of their doors.

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Today started with an early morning of setting up breakfast and a slight fiasco with brewing coffee. Then our team went through lectio divina devotions and talked about Exodus 2 – the story of Moses’ beginning into ministry – and what it means to see the world with Kingdom Eyes – to reject what the world deems beautiful and worthy and see others as Jesus sees them.

Later today I met a homeless man with Kingdom Eyes. His eyes were wide, searching, kind. He is a man who chooses to live outside and minster to those that don’t have physical houses but have a home as a child of God, to show them that Jesus is real and loves them and wants them. He told me not to be sorry that he had lost his foot to a train, and told us how he had come to know Jesus and asked us to share our stories in return. Meeting him was a breath of fresh air – his authenticity broke through the wall of stiff formality and went straight to the heart of what really matters – our testimonies and inviting other people into abundant life with Jesus.

We ended the day with a few touristy stops: the Golden Gate Bridge and Ghirardelli’s. There is still a lot of vagueness about what we’re in for this summer, and my guess is that a lot of this uncertainty won’t be resolved until we’re actually on the ground in London. But for now, I’m enjoying this beautiful little slice of blessed community in the Mission district of San Francisco. More thoughts soon.

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