Come join the dance

Tonight I found myself sitting crossed legged on the floor besides my new friend Claire, listening to her strong, clear voice worshipping God as she played guitar, and as I looked at all of the people around me, chatting and dancing and being their beautiful selves, all I could think is this must what heaven will be like.

May Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

This little glimpse filled my chest with joy, but also with grief. Because what my heart longs for isn’t a reality yet, and these little glimpses are temporary.

Oh, Lord come. Oh, Lord come.

The house we are staying in is aged and worn, each room with its own character. The front room is painted with green and navy swirls that blend into a mossy design, the words Come Join the Dance taking up most of one wall.

Tomorrow we’re flying out to London, and honestly I’m not ready emotionally. I’m finally getting settled into this little tribe, starting to plant roots building friendships, and now it’s time to go. These moments are just moments. But that doesn’t take away from their realness, their value.

I guess this is me trying to join in the dance, trying to be present when I want to pull away. I’m not very good at this, but I’m getting better. Growth is slow; but it happens. And eventually, new life springs forth.

Oh, Lord come. Oh, Lord come.


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