Being okay with being finite

Words aren’t coming to me as easily today.

I think sometimes we are all just too hard on ourselves, too try harder, too you should know that, you should be better, you aren’t enough.

I often get stuck on putting my worth in what I’m producing and how I’m contributing, and find myself forgetting how fulfilling it is to just simply be.
I think the truth is that none of us are whole, not really, not yet, and we’re often too afraid to acknowledge it. But there are moments of wholeness. Like moments where a good friend says hey, stop looking down at your feet. you are doing your best and you matter and are loved. Moments where you can feel the wind pushing against you and hear the leaves shaking and the birds calling. Moments where someone’s laugh is the best sound you’ve heard all day.

Moments of forgiveness that can be hard to come by. Moments where hardened hearts finally soften.

Our culture can be so achievement-focused, all wrapped up in getting degrees and earning money and putting your best foot forward all the time and knowing exactly where you are going. But there’s something freeing and honest about admitting that we can only do so much, and that’s okay. God doesn’t ask us to achieve things. He’s much more concerned with our hearts than the knowledge in our minds or the things our hands create.

Be imperfect. Be in-process and learning. Be finite. Be okay with being finite. You are enough, you really truly are.


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