Here we go again

May is the oddest kind of inbetween-ness. I don’t really know how to be here, with half of my mind back in the semester that just ended and the other half already in the months ahead that I’ll be spending in New Hampshire.

I’m three-fourths of the way through my undergrad, thinking a lot about the future, and realizing that I’ve outgrown places and things I thought I would love forever.

I have dreams that are still far in the future, and I want to skip all the hard work of the steps in-between. I want to rush ahead. But I also mostly just want to take a really long nap.

So here we go again: Another summer of newness, unknowns, trying, being. Of growth.

A look into my recent art – still have a long way to go, but we’re making progress, I think:

(Also, finally updated my online portfolio)


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